• Dispute involving conflicting ownership percentage claims among 35 law firm partners and compensation formula going forward, settled.
  • Out-of-network medical providers and assignees sought billed-rate reimbursement from health care insurer, consisting of both emergency and non-emergency services. Lead cases settled, establishing framework and formula for resolution of forthcoming claims.



  • Health care coverage dispute concerning residential addiction treatment excluded under employer's policy but arguably mandated by federal law, conflicting out-of-circuit opinions, case of first impression overlay with continuing claims, replacement policy. Omnibus settlement.
  • Long term disability claim brought in federal court, ERISA status disputed, additional standard of review, scope of administrative record and waiver issues as well as disputed underlying disability, settled initially with reference to new IME, subsequent lump sum

Wage Hour Class Action

  • Multi-million dollar class claims and penalties for failure to pay overtime, provide meal periods, rest periods, employee expense reimbursement and accurate wage statements, and including PAGA remedies. All claims resolved in two-phase resolution: initial phase open-ended, second phase closing claims period and providing finality.


Bad Faith

  • 3-party healthcare bad faith/coverage dispute for special needs patient through multiple private insurers, coverages, continuing claim issues, settlement preserving overlapping public benefits claim and avoiding reimbursement.
  • 4-party bad faith dispute arising out of additional insured status vis-a-vis construction site accident, concurrent implied indemnity and contribution issues, global settlement.
  • Individual disability claim bad faith dispute with choice of law overlay, settled, venue in Hartford, CN.


  • 7-party, 4 consolidated actions - underlying catastrophic worksite injury, breach of contract, contractual indemnity and declaratory relief coverage actions, multiple sessions, 6 months of post-session follow-up culminating in global settlement.
  • 3-party coverage dispute arising out of premises water damage, multiple policies and carriers with overlapping coverage and claims for property damage, business interruption and liability exposure, settled with high-low structure.
  • High-dollar individual disability policy dispute, initial payments followed by claim denial, subsequent admitted partial disability but continued fraud and non-cooperation defenses, Social Security and Medicare overlay, settled without jeopardizing continuing collateral sources.

Professional Malpractice

Prof Malpractice Accounting

  • (PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY) 4-party dispute brought under FINRA against financial advisors and brokerage firms concerning life insurance, guaranteed payments, vanishing premiums, and lump-sum payment/investment by octogenarian, settled in two parts, venue in Chicago, IL.

Real Estate

Real Property

  • Multi-party dispute involving real estate limited partnership for financing, acquisition, development and ownership of mixed-used retail and residential development. Conflicts involved 3 core disputes with multiple sub-parts. Key to successful resolution of what was becoming a prohibitively expensive litigation fiasco was breakdown into more than a dozen discreet components and serial resolution of those.


Catastrophic Injury

  • Severe construction site injury, multiple defendants on res ipsa theory, liability disputed amongst defendants as well as dispute re LOE, multiple sessions, settled for slightly less than $2,000,000.

Policy Distribution

  • Tractor trailer going full speed plows into 6 vehicles, setting off chain reaction. Limited insurance limit informally offered only if all B/I and PD claims could settle simultaneously without litigation. Major complication was that lacking any discovery, none of the claimants knew of the degree of severity of other claims, so each demanded an over-sized share of the proceeds. Case settled in one session