What Others Are Saying

"I can say with certainty in over 35 years of mediating cases, from the “star” mediators to retired judges to high profile former litigators, you outperform everyone. "  
Attorney on an ERISA matter
"Extraordinary thanks for securing a resolution for the parties! I honestly do not believe we could have gotten it done with any other mediator!"  
Attorney on an Insurance Bad Faith Dispute
“Ed was masterful from start to finish and deserves top marks across the board. I couldn't have asked for a more personable, incisive and adept neutral.”
Attorney on an Insurance Bad Faith
“Ed used all the tools in the toolbox and at the right time. He was the utmost professional and took the time needed to understand the issues and the parties' motivations, and helped us resolve the matter."  
Attorney on an Insurance Coverage case
"Ed Oster was great. Understood the issues and communicated with the parties and counsel in an effective and professional manner. I would definitely use Ed Oster again."  
Attorney on an Insurance Coverage case
"Mr. Oster very quickly grasped the key issues preventing resolution of the case, effectively communicated them to the other side, and suggested an imaginative way to work through the impasse."  
Attorney on a Personal Injury Auto case
"Ed Oster was wonderful. Five stars across the board. I look forward to working with him again in future mediations."
Attorney on an Insurance Coverage case
“He was very impressive. It was immediately apparent that he is a very experienced mediator. Mr. Oster was compassionate and understanding with my client, which was important for the mediation and helped resolve the matter.”  
Attorney on an Insurance Coverage dispute
“Mr. Oster managed a very difficult opposing party expertly and professionally. In four hours, we finished what my entire department couldn't manage in months.”  
Attorney on an Insurance Bad Faith case
“I can't thank you enough for your service. Your level of skill and professionalism is unsurpassed in my book. You somehow took a complicated and very emotional matter and reached out and put a ray of hope in my client's heart and soul.”
Attorney on an Accidental Death Insurance Coverage Case
“Ed was successful in turning the opposition’s position around 180 degrees. Through his talents, he was able to accomplish that which was “highly unlikely.” We really appreciate his expertise in helping us settle this case.”  
Attorney on a Business/Contractual Dispute
“Thank you for your help in settling this. The dedication and expertise that you demonstrated are much appreciated. I am certain that a settlement would not have been possible without you.”  
Attorney on an Insurance Bad Faith Matter
“Thank you very much for your expertise and advice. Without you, this matter was headed for disaster.”  
Attorney on an Insurance Bad Faith Matter
"Mr. Oster came up with creative solutions to appeasing a very recalcitrant party (I won’t say who!) and working out a solution that everyone was happy with."  
Attorney on a Business/Contractual Dispute